DIY Electronic Hive Scale Prototype

Two Nucs, Two Different Linseed Oil Treatments

Flavored Creamed Honey, Using a Raspberry Pi

Fall 2016 Honey Harvest

Update on Wax Candle Attempts

After Swarms and Hive Population: Lost Colony

Second Spring 2016 Honey Harvest

Spring 2016 Honey Harvest

Swarm Hive Update II

Artificial Swarms Update

Bee Smart Designs Gripper Review

Swarm Update


Tale of Two Queens

Moving Hives Back to the Outyard

First Spring Split

Spring Supers and Catching SHB

Spring Reversals

Bee Branding Iron

Linseed Oil Hive Sealant Experiment

End of January Inspection

Ask the Audience: Wax Candle Burning

More Lip Balm and Lotion

Bees Wax Cells Start as Circles?

Melting Wax Saved from 2015

Handmade Beeswax Lotion Bars

Happy Halloween 2015

Suprise 2nd Fall Harvest

Fall Feeding and Winter Prep

Fall 2015 Harvest

And We're Back

Honey Bee Sting Pain Index

Second Colony Lost

One Colony Lost...

Post Harvest Inspection

2015 Spring Honey Harvest: 28 gallons

Spackling With Propolis

My Goal: 5 Supers on a Hive

Update on the Demaree hive

Preventing Swarms: Demaree Method

David's Slatted Racks

Pollinator Honey Bee Mix

Wild Burr Comb, New Queen and Splits

Building Frames for the Nucs

Bee Smart Designs Ultimate Bee Feeder Review

Winter Honey From California

Opossum in the Apiary

March 14th Inspection

Hive Top Feeder For Nuc

Bottling the JAO Mead

Guess the Tracks In The Snow

Two New Nuc Boxes Ready for Spring

One of These Meads Isn't Like The Other

Vince's Hive Weighing Tool

Honeybees on Blue Diamond's Packaging

Hunting for Brood in January

Winter Solstice 2014

Bee Behaviors Preprogrammed?

Honey Bees Molt

Honey Bee Proboscis

Starting a Batch of JAO Mead

Beekeeping Glossary of Terms

Moving Our Bees Back Home for the Winter

Vince's Video of Robber Bees

Crankshaft Comic: Beekeeping

2014 Honey Harvest

Morgan Freeman is a Beekeeper

All Hives Treated, No Queen Loss

BIP Regional Micro Survey Results

Maeve's Trip to the Beach

1 Week Check After MAQs

Video: Adding MAQs To a Hive

Video: Mite Count Alcohol Wash

U.S. Creates Honey Bee Health Strategy

Update: Adding Wax To Plasticell

Outyard Packages Update

A June Split to Replace Lost Hive

The Packages Are Fully Established

Honey Supers and Package Checkup

Guerrilla Gardening: Blackberry Seed Bombs

Outyard Queen: Time for a replacement?

Packaged Queens Have Been Released

Guest Speaker at Blevins Elementary

Video Installing a Package of Bees

Just Waiting For The Bees

Why I'm Going To Start Treating This Year

Adding Wax To Plasticell Frames


Late March, Is Warm Weather Ever Going To Arrive?

First Inspection of 2014

Bees Propolized Wood Grain Pattern

Here's To An Awesome Spring

Shh, Don't Tell The Bees!

Bees Wax Lotion Bars

Bees Wax Lip Balm

They're Still In There

Snow and Sub-Zero Temps

Building Slatted Racks

Ordering Bees and Winter Ponderings

Bottling The Cherry Melomel

Happy Holidays 2013

Gaining a New Perspective

Honey Gingerbread Bee Cookies

Processing Wax In a Crock Pot

Final Winter Prep and Blogroll Suggestions

Lost a Hive at Home

Second Racking of Cherry Melomel

Moving Outyard Hives Back Home

Fall Inspection of Hives

Fall 2013 Honey Harvest

Thar Be Robbers Round Here

Followup To Queen Excluder Use

First Racking of Cherry Melomel

Why I Bought a Queen Excluder Today

EMBA & Monsanto Interview

Making Creamed Honey

Honey Nut Cheerios Advertisement

Making Cherry Melomel

Want To Trade A Jar Of Honey?

Summer Honey Harvest 2013

Marking Queens & More Swarming Attempts

Great Honey Robbery of 2013

Updated DIY Extractor Article

Honey Super Status At Home

Queens, Swarms and Honey

Today I Saw A Queen Bee Emerge

Moving Artificial Swarm into Full Hive

Hives At Home Get Supers

Checking if Artificial Swarm Worked

Artificial Swarm at Out Yard

Checking If New Queens Released

Checking on Hives at Tom's

Making Splits With New Queens

Moving Hives to the Out Yard

Setting Up an Out Yard

Rotating Hive Bodies and Snowmen

Cleaning and Reusing Plasticell Frames

Removing the Curse from Phoenix Hive

Dadant Open House Was Awesome

Dadant Roadtrip and Blogger Meetup

Encouraging Bee Flight Patterns

Bees Get a Buzz from Caffeine

Bees Detect Electric Fields of Flowers

Bee Carrying Propolis?

I'm a Finalist and I Need Your Vote!

The End of the Phoenix Hive

Bottling Blackberry and Fall Harvest Meads

BP Hive Has Brood and Bringing In Pollen

Can't Do Much To Help Them Now...

Blue Purple Hive Increasing Population

Marking the Phoenix Queen

Mid January Quick Peek

Providing Candy Boards

Counting Winter Losses (Already)

Ever Been Bitten by a Honey Bee?

Additional Filtering of Bees Wax

My Adventure in Melting Bees Wax

Video: How Skeps Are Made

Mid December Quick Inspection

Ask the Audience: Melting Wax

Second Racking of the Fall Harvest Cyser

Things I Learned in 2012

2nd Place Ribbon for Apple Butter

First Racking of the Fall Harvest Cyser

Winter Prep in the Apiary

Making Fall Harvest Cyser

Fall Honey Harvest 2012

Video: Guard Bees Protecting The Hive

Final Racking of Blackberry Mead

Blue Purple Hive Packing in Honey

Phoenix Hive Is Back

Sugar Syrup is Irresistible

A Close Up Look at Pollen On Bees

Checking the Freezer for Dinner Options

Bottling the Traditional Mead

Our New Baby Bee

Making Sunflower Seeds

Happy Bees and New Comb

PW Hive: Get Some Syrup Stat!

Apple Butter Recipe With Honey

BP Hive Finds More Nectar

Phoenix Queen In A Pinch

PW Hive Queen Doing Great!

Racking The Mead and Melomel

Summer Honey Harvest 2012

You Were Right, There I Said It

Making Blackberry Melomel

Purple White Hive Queenless. T.Y.S?

Making My First Batch of Mead

Adding the Artificial Swarm to Phoenix

Hot Dry Summer: Stealing From The Birds

PW Hive Chooses Their Own Queen Cells

Last Ditch Effort: Artificial Swarm of PW Hive

Update on Swarm Trap

Swarm Capture: June 2012

Queen Excluders: Let's Hear Your Thoughts!

Phoenix Changes Mind About Supersedure

PW Hive Still Threatening To Swarm

Phoenix Hive...Daughters Know Best?

Printable Hive Inspection Sheets

Why Swarm Season Inspections Are Important

Queen Found & Marked in B/P Hive

Spring 2012 Honey Harvest

DIY Extractor: How We Made Ours

B/P Hive Confirmation of Queen

EATMORE 3 lb Honey Jar

P/W Hive Is Up To Something

Phoenix Hive Queen and Eggs?

B/P Hive Appears to Have a Queen

Phoenix Appears to Have a Queen

Confirmation Split was Success P/W Hive

Product Reviews and Disclaimers

Bee Smart Designs Ultimate Hive Cover Review

Swarm Trap Built and Deployed

B/P Hive Check For Queen & Honey

Checking New Queen & Powder Sugar Dusting

Two New Nucs Arrived Today

Blue Purple Hive Queen Cell Check

Phoenix Hive is Queenless

Queen Released From Her Cage!

Blackberry Winter 2012

Bee Informed Partnership Survey

Re-Queening Hive 1 At My Dad's House

New Queen Delivery

New Hive Needs a Name

Yikes - Queen Cells Everywhere!

Adding a Third Hive Stand - Wishful Thinking?

Preparations for Spring Split

Super Just About Full...Already!

Spring Swarm Cell Checks

Preventing Swarms: Super Early...Way Early

Spring Reversal of the Hive

Finding Pollen in Late Winter

Build Your Own: Bee Hive Stand

Lots of Brood in the Purple Hive

Propolis: Nature's Duct Tape

Late January Inspection

Making Sawdust in the Workshop

9 or 10 Frame Supers - Thinking Out Loud

Remove Snow From Landing Board?

Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Short Course 2012

Early January Hive Inspection

Making Candy for Winter Feeding

Merry Christmas 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

2011 Honey Supply - Sold Out

Mortician Bees In The Winter

Plans for Winter Months Ahead

Food Labels: Wall of Shame

Happy Thanksgiving - Fly Day!

Preventing Moisture During The Winter

Fun with an Infrared Camera

Results of NewsPaper Combine Method

Combining the White Hive

RIP White Hive's Queen

Video: Adjusting to Mouse Guards

Adding Mouse Guards to the Hives

Trail Camera Deployed

October 16th 2011 Inspection

Missing Tools, Crystallizing Sugar, White Hive Update

Follow That Container of Syrup!

Queen Accepted, No More Laying Workers!

Checking (again) of the White Hive

Releasing the Queen in White Hive

Given A Queen, Let's Experiment

White Hive Has Laying Workers

Protecting the Supers During Winter

2:1 Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Checking for Queen in White Hive

Fall Honey Harvest 2011

Evidence of Robbing at White Hive

FAQ: Ask a Beekeeper

Powder Sugar Dusting is Fun!

The White Hive Might Be Queenless

Video: Honey Bees Crash Landing In Slow Motion

What Are These Tiny Creatures?

Honey Bees Landing in Slow Motion

Bottling our First Honey Crop

Extracting our First Honey Crop

Making Honey Extracting Buckets

Hot and Humid St Louis Summer Nights

Natural Varroa Mite Drop Test

Progress on Capping the Super Frames

Using a Queen Marking Tube

Blue Hive Gets Second Super

Blue Hive Notices Their Super

Marking The Queen Video

Crowded Landing Board Video

No Vacancy in Blue Hive

More Syrup Please

Marking One of the Queens

Adding Second Hive Bodies

Pearls Before Swine: Beekeeping

First Inspections on Both Hives

Beware of Bulk Sugar Prices

Installing Our Nucs

Painting the Hives Different Colors

Using a Bee Frame Rest

How and Why to Feed Bees

Where I Placed my Backyard Bee Hives

How to Build a Telescoping Cover

How to Light a Smoker That Stays Lit

Beekeeping Article in Local News Magazine

How to Assemble Dadant Style Frames

Spring 2011 Dadant Order Arrives!

2011 EMBA Short Course

Build Your Own: Bee Hives and Supers

Starting Out: Package or Nuc

Birthday Surprises

Building Shelves for the Garage

The Secret Life of Bees

Collecting Bee Smoker Fuel

Today I Participated in an Inspection

To Buy or Build

My First Beekeeper Club Meeting