Purple White Hive Queenless. T.Y.S?

I don't want to say I Told You So (T.Y.S) to the Purple/White hive but I just might have to.

When I made an artificial swarm with the purple/white hive a few weeks ago, I left them 3 preferred looking queen cells.

They removed them and remade new ones.

When I checked on them earlier this week, expecting to see the queen cells hatched and a new queen walking around, I was surprised to see they tore those cells down too.

The hive was acting hot and aggravated, and I could see no sign of a queen present. I gave them a frame of eggs, and checked on them again today to find they made a half-dozen emergency queen cells from the frame of eggs.

I also noticed today the hive was a little less agitated. I suppose the presence of brood and maybe the lingering scents of pheromone from a queen on the frame I gave to them helped them to calm down a bit.

I'm not touching this hive for another while, and will see what happens. I've had great luck with hives raising their own queen before, these guys just seem to be goofing around, and I hope they get it right this time.  :)

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