Checking the Freezer for Dinner Options

If you (or someone in your family) has been beekeeping for a while, you might have come home to the scene below in your deep freezer.

Yup, right on top of the pizzas and below the frozen pastries is a honey super.

I pulled an empty super off the hive last week and realized I didn't have any moth crystals on hand yet, so I wedged it into the freezer until I could get to the store.

I use moth crystals (not moth balls!) that contain paradichlorobenzene, and have a write up on it in the "Articles and How-To's section". I typically store the supers in the garage in the freezing weather, but there are several weeks of warm weather left until the freezing weather starts, so the crystals keep them protected in the mean time.

That, and my wife wants her freezer space back.

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