Mid December Quick Inspection

It was more of a quick peek than an inspection.

Today marks the middle of December. The temperature was 63*f and the bees were out flying. Not our typical December day here in our region. We were way above average temperature today.

Each of the hives had bees flying, with the middle hive (Phoenix) having the most activity. The way the bees were hovering in front of that hive, it looked like several of them were doing orientation flights.

My best producer for two yeas in a row (the blue hive on the right) had very little activity at the landing board. I took a quick peek inside, and there was a decent sized cluster of 4-5 frames of bees staring back at me. I know they're in there, but I'm worried something might be a bit off with them.

I don't medicate the hives, and this past year was hard on most of the beekeepers I know because of the mild winter not reducing the mite counts.

Maybe this hive's title as my "best producer" will be stolen by another one of the hives this next year.

The cold season is just beginning and it's anyone's guess right now.

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