Providing Candy Boards

Last year I made candy boards for the bees during the winter, and did a write-up with pictures here.

Today I made some more candy boards, and this time poured them into two aluminum square pie pans instead of smaller butter dishes.

I hadn't seen many bees climb into the baggies of sugar mush I provided a few weeks ago and after thinking about it, wondered if they couldn't leave the cluster when it's really cold to go up into the bag.

I placed the blocks directly on top of the frames in the middle of the clusters of both remaining backyard hives so they could access it easily.

Almost immediately they climbed on, under and around it to check it out.

I'll go back in a few weeks to see if they've taken any or need more.

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Robin says...
Date:   January 8, 2013, 6:14 am

Chris - thanks for this!!   Tomorrow it'll be warm enough to check the hives.   I can make one of these today and have it ready just in case.

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