Dadant Roadtrip and Blogger Meetup

The vacation days have been scheduled at work, the GPS has been charged and the weather forecast looks promising...I'm ready for a road-trip.

Dadant is hosting an open house this Friday at their manufacturing  locations: Hamilton, IL, Dallas City, IL and Kahoka, MO to celebrate their 150 years in business.

My dad and I are planning to make a trip up north (about 3 hours from here in St. Louis) to the Kahoka and Hamilton locations to tour the candle factory and the wax foundation plants during their open house.

While we're there we'll pick up some supplies for this year and if possible, we'll meetup with Diane from Speedkin.

If you haven't read the Speedkin blog, you should stop on over and take a look around. I enjoy reading her blog and made it a part of my blog-roll on the left side of the page.

When I return, I'll post pictures of the trip.

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