Rotating Hive Bodies and Snowmen

There's an old saying you might hear from folks who live here in St. Louis and it goes like this: "If you don't like the weather, stick around 20 minutes, it'll change."

This weekend was a perfect example.

Saturday the weather was warm, in the mid 50*s and the bees were flying.

I took the opportunity to open them up and reverse the hive bodies. Its an attempt to prevent the urge for the hive to swarm later this spring.

inside bee hive

The lower box was empty as expected, and the cluster of bees was in the upper box at the end of winter.

I was able to pull all the empty frames out of the bottom box, clean them of propolis and put them back into their box and above the cluster.

Cleanin Propolis

As the day wore on, the wind picked up and the skies changed. When we went to bed Saturday evening, the rain moved in.

When we awoke Sunday, there was snow on the ground. It snowed all day and we got over 7 inches total.

The boys and I made a snowman in the yard while the snow was still falling.


We intended to give the snowman a smile, but it didn't turn out a smile did it?

Maybe the snowman was unsure of why he was here...after all it is already several days into spring.

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