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Collecting honey from bee colonies is one of the most ancient human activities.  Some of the earliest evidence of gathering honey from wild colonies is from rock paintings, dating to around 13,000 BCE. (source: Wikipedia)

So why continue this tradition? Why now? Why me!?

A few years ago a couple of our good friends, Dave & Tina, started keeping bees themselves. I had always thought that was really neat, but wasn't ready to keep my own bees for the fear of being stung.

I don't have any allergic reactions to stings, and I would classify my fear more as a "dislike" than an actual fear.

Recently my wife and I saw an interview on the local news about how urban beekeepers are becoming more popular. The article interviewed a local beekeeper who keeps bees in a very upscale neighborhood with a very small yard, and without disturbing his neighbors.

I've decided it's time to put my fear (dislike for stings) behind me and give it a try.

The blog entries that follow are intended to track my experience of keeping bees  and I hope my observations and comments will prove of interest to others who are also starting out - perhaps you will find some comfort in my experiences.

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The M-I-L says...
Date:   March 30, 2011, 1:41 pm

What fun.  I have always thought it would be fun to have bees and gather the honey.  I waited long enough and now I have the S-I-L and "Indy" to do all the work while I sit back and reap the benifits.  Bring on the honey, Honey. 

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