EMBA & Monsanto Interview

I don't often watch a lot of news, it's filled with so much depressing content anymore. 

However, today I was given a link to a clip on St. Louis News Channel 5 that had interviewed the EMBA club president Bob Sears and Monstanto's Jerry Hayes.

You might recognize Jerry Hayes from his articles in the ABJ section called "The Classroom". I had an opportunity to meet Jerry in person when he visited our club last fall. Jerry is a really great guy and now has a lot of technology at his disposal to help beekeepers fight pests like varroa and traecheal mites.


Video Link

So often the news is filled with hype to attract viewership, but in this case, I think honey bee health is an important issue and worth the hype.


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Mark Martin says...
Date:   August 19, 2013, 2:31 pm

Very cool!  Glad to see a fairly decent and balanced news story.  I also have a subscription to ABJ and read Jerry's articles.  A friend of mine is a big Monsanto conspiracy theorist too, so it makes great fun talking to one about the other   =)

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