Using a Bee Frame Rest

A frame rest is a simple, but handy device that allows beekeepers to hang frames on the side of the hive while working.

A frame rest allows more room to move frames while inspecting the hive, without crushing bees.

Today my dad came by the house on his way home from work, and dropped off this frame rest he had made.

The rest is designed to sit on the edge of the hive and allow the beekeeper to remove a frame or two from the hive and suspend it between the frame rest bars.

You can see below that the frame rest is sitting on the side of the hive with all 10 frames still in the hive.

Then during an inspection, the beekeeper can remove a frame or two from the hive, hang it on the rest and have plenty of room to move and manipulate the other frames still in the hive.

There are beekeepers who do not use a frame rest. Some beekeepers will lean the frame against the hive stand on the ground, while others will remove a frame, inspect it and return it immediately to the hive.

I don't believe the frame rest should be used to remove the center most frames where the queen is most likely to bee. If a frame is hanging on the frame rest, with the queen on it, and she happens to fall off, she'll drop to the ground and risk being stepped on or not able to find her way back into the hive.

I think I'll use the rest to hang the first one or two frames, while working the rest of the frames over the hive in case some bees fall off, they'll land back in the hive.

If you have tips, or stories using a frame rest, please share them in the comments!

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