Beware of Bulk Sugar Prices

This past weekend I went to my local Sam's Club; a membership based wholesale club.

I had granulated sugar on my list of items in preparation for the nucs arrival.

Most of the time I expect to save a little extra money (even if it's only a few cents) by buying items of larger quantity. There's savings involved for the manufacturer if they can sell you a larger quantity of product at once, as they don't have to make so many smaller packages, etc.

That being said, I was going to grab the largest size bag of sugar they had (50 lbs) and take it home.

However, when I got to the store, the following sizes/prices is what I encountered:

  Ten Pounds of Granulated Sugar
  Price: $5.79

  25 Pounds of Granulated Sugar
  Price: $15.97

  50 Pounds of Granulated Sugar
  Price: $31.99

At first glance, you might estimate those prices are fairly close per pound, and not having a calculator on hand, would buy the largest 50 lb size.

However, look again below at the same chart, but this time, notice the per pound price I listed next to each.

To determine per-pound price, divide the total price by the number of pounds.

  Ten Pounds of Granulated Sugar
  Price: $5.79

  Price per pound: 57.9 cents

  25 Pounds of Granulated Sugar
  Price: $15.97

  Price per pound: 63.88 cents

  50 Pounds of Granulated Sugar
  Price: $31.99

  Price per pound: 63.98 cents

Wow - did you notice that the price-per-pound actually went up the larger the package?

Instead of buying that 50 pound sack, I bought five 10 pound sacks, and actually saved 30.4 cents. Not to mention it was easier to move smaller 10 pound sacks than it would have been to move a full 50 pounds at once!

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Rakim says...
Date:   November 5, 2013, 8:15 pm

Amazed but not totally shocked...this is a clear example of how illiterate and/or lazy the corporations assume of the American consumer. We have had a consumer driven economy for many decades, and thereby the corporations observed how enticing convenience was to the average household by in large; and in the past 30 years corporations have changed their strategies in order to unseemingly capatilize on this consumer preferance in the market place. 

larry huber says...
Date:   April 15, 2016, 4:42 pm

I am a beekeeper too so ive been looking for sugar  always check price per pound for best buy.  here in Missouri country mart and town and country stores have sugar on sale frequently   I bought sever pounds when 10 lbs were on sale at 3.49   and 4 lbs are on sale for 1,29 often.  haven't found a good buy in bulk yet.  went through over three hundred lbs this year. hunting for a good buy  before I run out   

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