Bottling the JAO Mead

Back in November I started a batch of JAO mead.

Back in February I racked the JAO into a new fermenter.

A week ago, since it was crystal clear, the air lock had no movement in over a week, I bottled it.

I also sampled a bit of it (who wouldn't right?!) and it had a stronger than I expected raisin flavor. I should clarify, I didn't expect the raisins to provide any flavor at all. Who knew a dozen little raisins could impart any flavor!

I went ahead and bottled the 1 gallon batch into a couple of beer bottles and put them away out of sight. In a few months I'll open one and see what it's like.

Immediately at bottling, I could tell there were no harsh fusel alcohol flavors, so in a few months, it ought to be really good.

I didn't realize it at the time, but now that I'm looking at the pictures of the bottles, how fitting to have a bee box in the background, since honey is the major ingredient in the JAO mead!

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Omi says...
Date:   April 9, 2015, 2:55 pm

When do I get to sample?

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