Fall 2015 Harvest

The second week of October we harvested and extracted the fall honey from the hives at my house.

The bees were very protective of their honey stores and didn't give up the frames of honey without a fight. At one point they were stinging me through the leather gloves so I had to put on two layers of gloves.  I wished I had on two layers of shirts under my bee suit, because bee stings to my arms were making it through the suit into my skin.

At least I wasn't doing what this guy did!

Because of our hectic schedule, we allowed the honey stayed in the bottling buckets for several days until we were ready to bottle the honey into jars.

This actually worked out great, the extra few days gave the air bubbles time to surface and the jars came out perfect with almost no air bubbles in the honey!

We harvested 75 lbs of honey (5.5 gallons) of beautiful dark fall honey. This brings the yearly total up to:  422 lbs (33.5 gallons)

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