Suprise 2nd Fall Harvest

And it was a good surprise too!

A few days ago we looked at a super at my dads house, that we gave to the bees above an inner cover, that was partially filled that we expected them to consume and take below into the brood boxes. In stead, they found another fall flow and continued to fill the super.

Then my brother Thomas called from up northern Missouri and said he had a super and half of frames that he didn't expect to have this year, also ready to harvest.

We setup shop in the basement of my house and got to uncapping the wax on the frames.

We decided to keep the honey separated to see how the flavor differed from our home compared with Thomas' norther Missouri honey.

The honey from my dad's house weighed 12 lbs at just around 1 gallon.

The honey from Thomas' house weighed 29 lbs and measured 2.5 gallons.

This should be the last harvest for the year. :)

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Omi says...
Date:   October 24, 2015, 10:47 pm

It is a wonder to me that Thomas was able to get all that honey back to Northern Missouri in one trip!

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