Happy Halloween 2015

This year for Halloween I found a stencil to carve a bee pumpkin, and of course had to carve one myself. I mean, why not? 

The tradition in our family is to fill the trailer with hay bales, decorate it with Halloween lights including Ghosts, Bats, orange and purple lights on both sides.

We fill the inside with blankets, snap glow sticks and put the kids in the middle and head around the neighborhood trick-o-treating.

Here are a few pictures after dark, showing the lights on both sides of the trailer.

After we went trick-or-treating, we took the trailer down to the community center and had a gathering of friends where we offered hay rides around the parking lot to the kid's friends.

The lights were powered using a small DC/AC converter plugged into the jeep's lighter port and an extension cord running out the back window to the lights.

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