Swarm Hive Update II

This weekend we took the swarm that we caught a week ago over to the outyard.

The day we caught the swarm we found an unmarked queen so marked her with a dot of white paint.

In the days following, when we checked them again, we could find no trace of a bee with a white paint dot or signs of a queen either.

I checked them yesterday and found two frames of eggs and an unmarked queen. Still no sign of the queen we marked with white paint, and the queen I saw this weekend was about twice the size and a much darker color with no paint on her.

I tried to catch her to mark her, but she was too quick and disappeared down into the hive easily.

I decided not to give chase, and simply closed them back up.
The swarm is still covering 10 frames in the brood box, so we gave them a second brood box of drawn comb to use.

We'll give them a week and then check on them again over at the outyard, and see if we can find, catch and mark the queen then.

Thoughts I'm left pondering: We noticed a decent amount of young bees, old bees, drones and possibly two queens in the swarm. I guess when a colony swarms, anyone is eligible to leave with the swarm?!

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