Honey Bees Landing in Slow Motion

We were fortunate to have access to a high speed camera recently, and while we had it, we took some video of our bees landing on the landing board.

We were surprised to find out that a lot of the bees made attempts to land, and then aborted only to circle back around and try again.

We also found it funny that a lot of them made crash landings, either into each other, or onto the landing board itself.


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Holly says...
Date:   August 4, 2011, 9:18 pm

This is a really cool video---thanks for sharing!  Just curious, but is that dysentery on the landing board?

Chris (Show Me The Honey) says...
Date:   August 4, 2011, 10:27 pm


Good question! I'll be honest, I had to look up the definition since I didn't know it.

These hives sit back in the corner of the yard surrounded by lots of bushes and small saplings on either side.

When I got down close to inspect, it seems to be dirt and debris that they haven't cleaned off the landing board yet. It could be the beekeepers fault (that's me) this video was shot the same day we extracted honey and was moving the supers/frames around a lot. I could have knocked dirt onto the landing board.

There doesn't seem to be any bee poop on the landing board, and no gummy residue on or around the entrance.

But now that I'm aware of another disease (add it to the list!) that affect our bees, I'll certainly be on the lookout.

Thanks again for the heads up! I love when other beekeepers help keep an eye out for each other!

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