Checking for Queen in White Hive

The purpose of today's inspection was to determine if the opened queen cells in the white hive we saw last weekend did indeed produce a new queen, and if she mated and started laying yet.

I inspected all the frames, front and back in the bottom and top brood eggs.

I didn't see any new queen, but she could have been hiding amongst the other bees.

Since I could not see a new queen, or any eggs, I borrowed two frames from the blue/purple hive, that had a mix of eggs, larva, capped brood, honey and pollen.

I was able to see the queen in the blue/purple hive, and made sure not to take a frame that she was on.

I'll check the white hive again in a week. If they are making queen cells out of the two frames I gave them, then they still need a queen. If they don't, they don't need a queen.

I checked with my mentor John, and he said that he suspects in another week I'll see eggs again. He said sometimes when he allows the bees to raise new queens, he doesn't see eggs for an extra week longer than what the books suggest.

After last weekend's extracting of the blue/purple hive, I placed the empty super onto the white hive, and when I looked today they started to spot fill a couple of the super cells with nectar they were bringing in.

I removed the super, placed it on the ground in front of the hives, allowing them to clean it out so I could store it for the winter.

I also added a grease patty mix to the top inner cover of both hives.

Beekeeping Grease Patty

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