Checking (again) of the White Hive

I went today to check on the white hive, to see if they needed any sugar syrup this fall, and more importantly to check on the queen I released 7 days ago.

I looked at the frame where the queen was caged in, to see if the eggs I saw from last week developed into larva yet. Surprisingly when I checked today, I couldn't find a single egg in that frame. I don't know what to make of that.

There are lots and lots of drones capped right now from when the laying workers laid them. I suppose I'll be replacing a lot of frames in the spring so that I don't have a lot of drone size cells around.

I checked the rest of the hive, and could not find any evidence of the marked queen I released. There are still some worker eggs in various cells, I suppose they weren't able to develop into larva.

I'll give this hive another week, just in case I missed seeing her. If she is laying right now, an extra week should give her enough time to display some capped brood.

I feel like I've let the white hive down...but at the same time, I don't feel like they've tried to save themselves. With the (3) capped queen cells they made themselves, several frames of eggs I provided, and a newly introduced queen, and they've rejected the all.

In absence of capped brood next week, I plan to shake out this white hive and freeze the frames. I will save them in case the blue/purple hive needs frames of honey in late winter.

That's my plan at the moment anyways.

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