Results of NewsPaper Combine Method

A week ago we reduced the White Hive at my house down to one box, and took it over and combined it with hive #2 at my dad's house using the newspaper method.

We peeked on them after 24 hours, and they had chewed through a corner along the back of the box.

Then we checked on them this weekend, 7 days later, and they had chewed through several corners and the two hives were mixing together as seen below.

We removed the newspaper and reduced the three deeps (combined hive) into just two deeps, choosing to keep frames that had the most amount of honey, pollen and brood.

It looks like the newspaper combine method was a success! This hive should now be ready to overwinter.

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Melanie says...
Date:   November 5, 2011, 9:04 pm

Upon the advice of fellow EMBA members, we just did the same thing last week.  We peeked today and had the same little chewed-through holes, and enough honey and bees (finally) to have two deeps for the winter.  The top body is crazy with honey now.  Glad to see it worked for you, too!  

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