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"If the bee had not such a necessary and yet formidable both of offense and defense, multitudes would be induced to enter upon its cultivation, who are now afraid to have anything to do with it." - L.L Langstroth "The Hive and The Honey Bee" p.23

Our bees live in Eureka Missouri, about 20 minutes south of St. Louis.

Member of:
Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association

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Number/Name of Hives:
We have a total of (8) hives.

Location of Hives:
We have hives at my house in Eureka,  at my parent's house in Pacific, and at our friend Tom's farm.

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It has been said (by Albert Einstein, no less) that "If bees disappeared completely, man would only be able to survive for another four years."   Scientists hope that he was exaggerating.

Keywords: Local Honey Bee Swarm Removal