A post in which I explain why I was a bad momma

I'm trying to find opportunities for #1 and G for that matter to be around other kids since it's all momma all the time.  Yesterday we went to playground pals at the community center and created fish, read The Rainbow Fish and had goldf ish snacks. (side note: Oriental Trading has these super cool peel off the paper and reveal a sticky sided fish to decorate--I wonder what other creatures there are?)

Today we went to storytime at the library (we went a couple weeks ago on the wrong day and ended up at laptime, #1 liked the songs, but it was a little young for him).  So, today we went and mommy and Omi's friend Miss Mary Lynn was the librarian hosting, it was good because #1 has met her a couple times so there was less shyness.  He was excited to take to her after the stories and then go look for train books and movies with her up in the library after the stories.  All good.  Mary Lynn even took G to show to the other librarians while #1 and I looked for more books without a fussy (read: hungry) baby.  She hadn't seen him with his eyes opened so it was a nice change for her and she loves to snuggle him (I'm so lucky to have so many people that love my boys as much as I do!).

So all was good, #1 got to check out his books and do his opening the movies.  Then Mary Lynn helped us out to the car and we said our good byes, we'll hope to see you again next week for more stories.  Well, here's the bad momma part...

I had been wearing a jacket because when we left home this morning, it was still a little chilly, when I got out of the car I put my keys in the pocket.  Since it was warmer when we got out I took my jacket, keys still in pocket off and tossed it in the front seat.  Can you see where this story is going?

Yep, I locked my kids in the car with the keys.  Isn't this a parenting right of passage?

Apparently, the last button I'd pushed on the remote was the lock.  Great!  I had just finished buckling Em in and then closed the door.   I heard the locking sound and immediatly went, "OH NO!"  Felt my pockets, nope, keys not there.  Yelled through the windows to #1 to try to un-do his carseat.  He was confused, he's never done that before, and he's not got the thumb strength necessary.  So, then I thought, he loves to lock the door with his foot, can he unlock it with his toes?  Nope he can't.  At this point, I'm thinking someone is going to seem me talking to my kids through the window and offer to help--no such luck.  I made the decision to run in to the library and look for Mary Lynn.  She was going back to clean up the storytime room so I ran there first.  When she saw me sans kids she asked if everything was ok, and I'm sure she could tell from the worried look on my face it wasn't.  I told her the boys were locked in the car with my keys. 

"Go back to your car and stand by it, I'll call for help," she said.  I went to the car and a few minutes later she came out with another librarian and they waited with me for the Ellisville police to come.  The other lady told me this happens more than you'd think and a grandma had done it last week.  She said the police have a great response time.  They do.  They also send 2 cars and a fire engine (with it's sirens on--I wanted to melt into the ground).  The officer said that when there are kids involved they always send the truck--I wonder why not an ambulence too (not hot enough/cold enough today)?  Thank you to the Ellisville PD and Mary Lynn and Co. for helping me get to my boys so quickly.

Em seemed a little perturbed, not upset by the whole thing and G just sat looking at around (I was sure he'd scream since he was hungry).

So, later this evening, I'll be running to Wal-Mart for a copy of my car key and a hide-a-key.

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Wendy says...
Date:   2010-03-12 08:42:37

Been there...done that.  But it was July and the kids were in the van in the garage.  I called Ellisville police, too, and oh did they come.  Two police, fire engine, and an ambulance came screeching down our street.  I feel your pain.

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