PW Hive Still Threatening To Swarm

It's been a full week since I last checked on the Purple/White hive so today I opened them up.

The last few times I've checked on them, they've had swarm cells made and filled with lava.  I've cut the cells out, switched the brood boxes around and removed frames full of bees and moved them to other hives.

I thought this was working, after looking through the first 15 frames and not seeing any new queen cells. Then I came to the last few frames in the PW hive and saw the following.

In the picture above, you can see an almost complete queen cell, filled with a bee and royal jelly.

In the picture below, you can see a frame that had 6 queen cells on there, each filled with a bee and royal jelly.

I removed all the queen cells after seeing the queen and watched her continue to lay eggs in several cells for a few moments.

I noticed the new super of foundation-only that I gave them two weeks ago now had 8 frames completely drawn out and filled, and they were working on the last two frames.

I got my last available super out of the garage, marked "12" on the edge of the top-bars so I'd know these were "2012" frames and gave them to the colony.

Below is a picture of how I left them. Circled in purple is the PW hive's second (new) super.

Keeping up after a colony who is intending to swarm is hard work. I hope they decide to quit trying soon, I'd like to relax a little and not have to inspect them so thoroughly every 5-7 days for a while!

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