Final Racking of Blackberry Mead

This summer has been busy, and the fall seems to be no different.

With the boys being so active, especially Garrison who just wants to be outside even if it's snowing, raining, dark, etc., we've spent a lot of time outside, mostly playing in the dirt.

I'd almost forgotten about the blackberry mead, where it has been sitting in the dark workshop for quite some time.

I've peeked on it occasionally, and the fermentation lock seems to gurgle a single bubble about once a day. Still.

I racked the mead once two weeks into fermentation and have let it sit ever since. It's been almost 3 months since it's started, and it's still fermenting, albeit slooowly.

It is clearing up rather nicely though, especially given I didn't use any clarifiers or stabilizers.

I've looked back at some of the pictures from when I first started this mead, and it seems to have retained a good amount of it's dark red color, which I'm very excited about.

Today I racked it again into a clean jug to remove the layer of sediment at the bottom, and hopefully encourage it to finish fermentation. Soon.

I sampled just a bit of it and it's going to be good I can already tell.

In another couple of weeks, it should be ready for bottling.

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Omi says...
Date:   October 10, 2012, 4:10 pm

I am hoping to get a sample?  I have the perfect stoneware goblet just waiting for the first sip!

Holly says...
Date:   October 12, 2012, 5:25 pm

It has clarified a lot and is a beautiful color!  Good job!

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