Setting Up an Out Yard

This year we've been thinking about finding a place to put bees in addition to the hives at my house and the ones at my dad's house. An "out-yard" is what these locations are called.

As it turns out our friend Tom has been looking for someone to put bees on his farm.

His place is just a few minutes down the road from our house and is an awesome place for hives.

My dad and I met over the weekend at the farm and unloaded our gear at the place where Tom said we could place hives.

We dug a couple of post holes into the ground for 4x4 posts to support the hive stand.

Once the holes were all dug and the posts set into place we temporarily mounted the platform into place using clamps so we could ensure it was level before permanently bolting it to the posts.

When we were done we had a really solid hive stand that can hold up to 5 hives. 

In another week or so we'll take some hives out to the stand and get them setup.

The stand we built will hold up to 5 hives and is based on the single hive design found under "How To" section on the left bar of the blog.

I don't have the plans made up for this larger stand, but you can use the single hive plans and let your imagination (and pictures above) guide you to a building a larger stand.

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