Moving Hives to the Out Yard

This weekend we wanted to make a couple of splits and move some hives from my dad's house out to our new out-yard.
My dad got up early and screened the hives to be moved so that we wouldn't lose any foragers while in transit.

When my alarm at 5am went off I put my boots on and got the trailer hooked up and ready to go.

I made it over to my dad's house and we finished prepping the hives for transport by adding some wood-joining staples to the hives. The staples effectively held together each component of the hives (bodies, slatted rack, screened bottom board, etc.) so that they didn't come apart during transport.

Then we used some ratcheting straps around each hive to help the components stay together and then loaded them onto the trailer.

Once on the trailer we used more straps to hold the hives against the sides of the trailer and keep them from moving around.

Next to the three hives on the trailer are two splits that we put into old nuc boxes. By this time the sun was up and we could put our flash lights away.

Once we got to our out-yard it was just after 7am. We carried each of the hives down to the stand and they fit perfectly into place.

We removed the screens and let the bees fly. We also added a top feeder to each of the hives and gave them some sugar syrup. 

This year I want to try handling the bees without gloves, at least once. 

Maybe a good first step is to stand next to the hives with out gloves or veil?

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