Bottling The Cherry Melomel

This summer I started a batch of cherry melomel.

By November it had been racked into new jugs twice and the cherries had been removed.

Now a month later the brix reading hadn't changed and being right where the recipe said it should be, I was confident it was ready to bottle.

From these two gallon jugs I bottled into fourteen 12 oz beer bottles and one much larger bottle not pictured.

The tops have been marked by a sharpie with "CHY" representing "Cherry" since I haven't made any labels for the beer or wine I've made recently.

For my own reference, the codes on the caps are as follows:
CHY: Cherry Melomel
IS: Irish Stout Beer
FH: Fall Harvest Melomel
Gold Caps w/o marking: Traditional Mead
Blue Caps w/o marking: Pumpkin Beer
CC: Chocolate Cherry Beer

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Robin says...
Date:   December 30, 2013, 8:43 am

COOL!   I hope it tastes good!

Mark Martin says...
Date:   December 30, 2013, 9:43 am

Looks good.  I recently tried a "Cherry Mead" called "Zombie Killer" at the new taproom that we have here and it is fantastic!  Hope yours turns out great!

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