Just Waiting For The Bees

The past few months I've been building new frames, repairing old boxes, making new supers and even re-waxing some Plasticell foundation.

I've only had 1 of my 3 hives at home pull through the winter. I've put the frames from the two dead-outs into the freezer. This week I pulled them back out and have set them back onto the stands in the apiary in anticipation of my packages arrival.

The hive on the left is the surviving hive, and has a couple of supers on it already.

The two on the right are ready for packages to arrive. They should be here in the next couple of days.

Along to help (for the ride) is Maeve who's just now allowing us to put pony tails into her hair.

She is always trying to sneak back behind the hives to see what I'm working on.

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Anonymous says...
Date:   April 30, 2014, 5:37 pm

Cute kiddo!   She sounds like a beek in the making.   

I'm getting impatient for my new hives to be ready, too.  I'm expecting them in the next week or so - things are really starting to take off now.   And for the first time ever we're seeing a lot of feral bees.   Nice!   The more the merrier. 

Our winter was so cold that I just stripped the wax off the frames [foundationless] and left them outside.   Way colder than any freezer.  

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