Update: Adding Wax To Plasticell

Back in the spring of this year I posted a few pictures about adding wax to Plasticell foundation. You can read the reason I added wax to the frames, how I did it and watch a video of the process on the link above.

I checked the hive that I gave these frames to this week and have good news to report!

They've drawn out the 10 deep frames and have filled them with honey, pollen and brood.

After I took this picture, I noticed the lower right corner was open. It's drawn out, but the cells are empty. I think it was filled with capped honey, same as the lower left side, but they've since opened it up for the queen to lay in or consumed it since we're in a nectar dearth right now.

I also had a box of super frames the bees didn't draw out last year, so I added more wax to them also. From the picture it is hard to tell, but the bees have drawn out the entire frame. The outer edges need to be drawn a little more but they're working on them.

The center part of the frame has been filled with nectar already.

I'm glad the extra wax helped encourage them to use the frames. In the past I've seen a hive make themselves honey-bound instead of drawing out a frame of foundation that's been around a while.

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