Fall Feeding and Winter Prep

Now that we've harvested our fall honey from the bees, it's time to prep them for winter.

A few weeks ago we applied MAQs to the hives and the number of mites that dropped onto temporary slide-in bottom boards was astounding. For a back-history on why I chose to use MAQs, read this post "Why I'm Going to Start Treating".

All of the hives at my house survived with almost no dead bees in front of the hive and all 3 queens remained alive and are back and raising brood. 

Here's a video of myself applying MAQS, and here is a "1 week check after MAQs" from last year.

Since my results this year are consistent with last year, I'm taking the easy route and just linking to last year's entry. :)

I had a sigh of relief to know they're all currently heading into the fall/winter treated and queen right.

Most of the hives are still bringing in nectar from somewhere and I still see drone bees in the hive, although I suspect not for much longer.

Each of the hives are nearly at the weight I'd like to see them for the season, and just to help get them a little heavier, I gave them some 2:1 sugar/syrup mixed with Honey-B-Healthy. I really like this all natural additive, and they hadn't had any all year, so I added some to their fall feed.

If you're looking for a guide on sugar syrup feed, look at my article "How and Why to Feed Bees".

I'll take the feeders off of them in another week or two, and then there won't be much else to do for them until spring.

I'll focus on repairing extra boxes, build new frames and make some repairs to my gloves and bee suits.

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Robin says...
Date:   October 13, 2015, 11:48 am

I really appreciated your article on MAQS last year.  I don't treat unless I have to, and this year one of my hives had some Deformed Wing Virus, so I treated that one hive last month with MAQS.   It was easy.   The temps were perfect and I had no noticeable bee loss and it looks like they're going into the winter fine.  

I'll be putting candy on all 4 hives just in case.  Also probably some shims full of cedar chips or leaves on top.  Will probably do that after the first frost.  It's been a mild October so far.   I hope that's a taste of what the winter will be like. 

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